SSIS Useful Sites

Here are few interesting websites and forums on the subjects. (Note: All the websites listed on Ycsoftware have been handpicked)

Open URL (Hyperlink) From C# Standalone Applications

To open a URL from within a C# Application just string destination = “”; try { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(destination); } catch ( System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception noBrowser) { if (noBrowser.ErrorCode==-2147467259) MessageBox.Show(noBrowser.Message); } catch (System.Exception other) { MessageBox.Show(other.Message); } Reference : … Read more

Windows Update error 8024402C

Windows Update error 8024402C (Windows 7) It took me a while to fix this issue but if you follow exactly this document from Microsoft you will be able to understand the error and fix … Read more