Pulse Secure Setup Wizard ended prematurely

If Juniper pulse secure will not install on your computer in my case windows 10, chances are you are running into a driver issue.
Here is how to solve it:

First Step

Open CMD as an administrator and run the following:

pnputil -e > pnplist.txt
this command enumerates the driver packages that are currently in the driver store

Second Step

then open the txt file and locate anything that says Juniter in the “Publisher name” and run the following command:

pnputil -d "Publisher name" 

in my case

pnputil -d oem8.inf

Third Step

Reinstall Juniper pulse secure

About pnputil

Dollar Sign In Excel Cell’s name

The Dollar ($) in Excel formula indicates absolute reference. What does that mean?

It means that the value that immediately succeeds the dollar sign will not change.

In Excel a single cell can be used in 4 different ways:

Let’s take cell B4 as an example:

you can have:


No $ sign this one is relative. It will change if a column/formula that references this column is copied to a different cell.


If a cell references this column, the "B" will never change bit the "4" will change. Only the "B" is Frozen


If a cell references this column, The "B" will change but the 4 is frozen. So if you use this in a formula, the 4 is absolute.


If a cell references this column, it will NOT change if that cell is copied to a different cell. The whole cell is frozen.

Useful Links:

VMWARE : Could not open the client device. Check that the device exists…

check that the device exists

If you get this error “VMWARE : Could not open the client device. Check that the device exists and that it is not being used by another program” while trying to connect vsphere client to a CD-ROM try the following:

Run vsphere client as an administrator. Right click on the VSphere client icon and select "Run as Administrator"

That did it for me on Windows 10, hopefully this post will help someone out there.