Upgrading Request Tracker to the Latest Version

Step 1

Backup your current database.

mysqldump rt4 > rt4.sql 


Download the latest version and unzip it to a folder
(NOT The Destination folder). You can unzip it to your /tmp folder as an example.


Access the folder whee you unzip the files and make sure you run the following commands:

make testdeps

If this fails, make sure you run the following command or install the dependencies manually.

make fixdeps

Once you make sure that your last line says :”All dependencies have been found.” move on to the next step

Step 4

run the following config file (Ubuntu):

./configure --with-web-user=www-data --with-web-group=www-data --with-db-type=mysql --with-db-host=localhost 
--with-db-port=3306 --with-db-rt-host=localhost --with-db-database=rt4  --with-db-rt-pass=XXX --prefix=/opt/rt-X.X.X

Step 5

run make testdeps.

Step 6

run make fixdeps.

Step 7

run make upgrade (If everything goes well, you will be prompted to upgrade the database)

Step 8

run make upgrade-database.

Step 9

Fix your permissions if needed (ubuntu):
change www-data to the user that your server is running as
chown www-data.www-data var/* -R
chown root.www-data etc -R

Step 10

Copy the etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm from the old install to the new install.

Step 11

Move all plugins from the old install to the new install

Step 12

Make sure that you check you email fetching program to make sure that you pointing to the new directory(if of course you changed it).

Step 13

Start apache

Lastly please read the docs (If you can) I am not really sure that i would call that a documentation. It is more like a list of class and methods and their functions.

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