“mv” command does not move evereything (linux, unix)

I always thought that the following command “mv * ..” would move everything from the subdirectory to the parent directory. Apparently, it does not move hidden files (files that start with the period) such as .htaccess. I could almost swear that it did.

Goal: I want to move all files and subdirectories from te /home/ycsoftware/test to /home/ycsoftware.

while inside the /home/ycsoftware/test I ran this command:

mv * ..

This command above does not move the hidden folders, but it move everything else.

Then I tried

mv * .* ..

This one works as intended


mv  *  .*  /home/ycsoftware 

(move everything from the current directory to another directory
This will move everything even the files that start with a period such as .htaccess , .profile and so on.

Also if you use the full path, everything works as it is supposed to:

mv  /home/ycsoftware/test   home/ycsoftware