IS Semicolon Required in Javascript?

The Answer is "NO"  however,  it is good practice to always use semicolons.

If you are a PHP , C++, C# and a few others, you know a thing or two about using semicolons so it will be natural to you.

Advocates of not using semicolons whines about two much typing, redundancy, file size and so on. Honestly, i do not consider them as problems.

The only answer i would have for them is this:

When I switched from Javascript to C++, C# , PHP I do not have to worry about a thing because I always use semicolons.

Also It appears that some of the Javascript minifiers out there do not do a good job if the semicolons are not used.

There is no clear winners here but allow me to say one thing:

Why in the blue world  compiler makers allow codes to run without semicolons?

Just make the use of semicolon required or simply eliminate it.

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