VirtualBox High CPU Problem (Illustration)

With the release of Oracle VirtualBox version 4.0.4 , I was crossing my finger hoping that this issue was resolved, but apparently it is the same deal.

Problem:  VirtualBox CPU usage goes crazy even though the guest is idle. The only way i can get it to calm down is to create a dummy guest machine and run it simultaneously with the main VM.

Here is a video that illustrates my point:


Hopefully this video above will give everybody a clear idea of the issue.

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  • Akhil

    Nothing helped me except for disabling nested paging option. System > Acceleration > untick enable nested paging and problem was solved.

  • Akhil

    I am using VB 4.1 win 7 64 i7 8 gb. forgot to add previously.

  • Mike

    Thanks Akhil !!!!

    That totally worked for me too !

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