Failed to Deploy OVF package: The task was canceled by a user

Step 1

Open the ovf file in notepad

Step 2

Remove the CD-ROM item lines from the ovf file. For some reason, the CD-ROM directives are the ones causing the issue.
You can always add a new CD-ROM after the machine is created.
I do not quite have time to find out the real problem but when i do, i will go back and edit this post.

<Item ovf:required="false">
 <rasd:ElementName>CD-ROM 1</rasd:ElementName>
 <vmw:Config ovf:required="false" vmw:key="connectable.allowGuestControl" vmw:value="true" />

Step 3

Also remove the .mf file. This file is used for integrity check.

Step 4

Now you should be able to deploy your OVF file.