Free and Useful Software

The “free” term has been abused over the year, but this page has every thing that is FULLY FREE.

Should you find something that is not free? Please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

1.  CCLEANER. I do not advertise too many software unless it is a good one. Ccleaner is not a bad software  (until today 07/15/2009). If for any reason, it becomes corrupted with corporate greed  and excessive ads please make sure that you comment on it.

2. Color Cop. Web Designers this is a must have tool

3. Disk Cloning This software will allow one to make an image copy (clone) and existing hard drive.

4.  RSS Bandit.  Its Microsoft office GUI makes it very intuitive.

5.  Bootloader vista windows7 (EasyBCD)