Remote Syslog – Can we separate the logs per remote client (linux)?

Remote syslog is cool but how it is not going to be of any use to me if i cannot segregate my logs per client out of the box.

I would like to have “server_1” logs to go to “/var/log/servers/server_1.log” on the remote machine and so on…

Right now this thing just dump every server logs into one file /var/log/messages.

Apparently this is possible only in UNIX not in LINUX, so this is not going to work on my RedHat’ ish BOX.
*.* /var/log/servers/server_1.log

Note that i am talking about the standard syslogd server. There is another syslog server called syslog-ng, I will try that one and see if it can be useful. In the meantime, if anybody managed to segregate the standard linux syslog per remote client please let us know. Everybody could benefit from it.