Restore Transaction Logs Grayed out (Disabled) in SSMS

You need to restore the transaction logs and when you ready to do so, you pull up SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and see the following:

restore transaction log grayed out

So now what!

FYI: You cannot restore Transaction logs directly. The Transaction logs depends on the full backup and you will have to restore the full backup first and then the transaction log will be enabled in SSMS.

Make sure that you have a full backup of the database  available
Make sure that you have a backup of your transaction logs available
  1. First Make sure that you have “Recovery Model” set to “Full”. Right Click on the database name , click on properties and you see the following:

  2. Restore the Full Backup.
  3. If you go back to SSMS -> Restore   and you should see that “transaction log” is no longer grayed out.

  4. Now you are ready to proceed.

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