Restore your Start Menu in Windows 8

Well, at the time of writing, Microsoft is working diligently to restore the Start Menu in the next version Windows 8 titled (8.1). If you can’t wait until the next version is released, you can easily restore your Start Menu by installing this software by IObit titled “Start Menu 8”.

There may be several other options out there by I prefer this one below:

Here is how it looks:


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  1. By implementing all these third-party tacked on start menus, all we’re doing is putting ourselves in a position where we’re even more shocked when Microsoft makes another major interface change in the next version of Windows. This is especially true in the enterprise, where many business customers are turning their noses up at the OS because of “lost productivity” or “confusion” that their staff may experience. The question remains though, did the important people at those businesses actually spend time with Windows 8 to understand how it can actually improve the things they do?