Signing to Windows Live Messenger failed… Error code 800488fa

Signing to Windows Live Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Error code 800488fa

This is one of  the stupid error messages that only experienced people can troubleshoot because the error message has nothing to do with a down service.

Apparently you are getting this message because the account that you created in windows live has not been activated. Once you activate the account everything should work.

Now why don’t we just get the freaking proper error message?

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  1. Hello,

    I am fixing MSN Messenger failed service temporarily unavailable. Error Cpde 800488fa.

    iam updata msn wlsetup-all-14.0.8117.416 den my MSN working fine. 🙂

  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to draw your attention that i did not login Messenger due to error code 800488fa.

    I am grateful to you if it will solved at your earliest convenient.

    Mr. Khair