Slow Network Files Transfer Issue on VISTA

First of all, there are a lot of websites outhere that are just copy cats of one another. Most of the time it is hard to tell which one of them holds the original content. They are just rushing to get a couple of cents from google and that is the only thing  that matters to them. It is like watching the news on the major Channels (They report the same thing). My assumption is that they either belong to the same guy or people are are just copying an pasting.

At ycsoftware,  i experience all of the issue i talk about and i am glad to share them with you.

I isolated my vista network slow file transfer  issue to my "wireless card"  (laptop or desktop) or simply vista wireless technology.

I was getting 1 and 2 mbps using wireless but as soon as i decided to use the wired network(my ethernet cable) the speed jumps to 11 mbps (i can live with that).

Also check this software out :
(it will help you move files very fast accross your network)

I have no affiliation with them i just think it is a decent free software.
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