Split() Function is Replaced by What?

If you go to PHP.net looking for information about the split() function you are likely to see the following (at the time of writing):

Now logically, what should be the next question?
It should be : What has it been replaced by?

I have to go to the bottom of the page to locate a section called “Tip”  to give me an idea about what to use.

Why not saying: "This function has been deprecated and has been replaced by ..." and leave all the verbiage for the rest of the page.

To make a long story short

it has been replaced by the preg_split(), str_split() or the explode() function.

As a side note, I am running php version 5.3.3 and it is running fine there.

I thought that it was supposed to be deprecated as of 5.3.0. I am just saying …