Update Fields (Memo) Between two Foxpro Database Tables

Dealing with Memo Fields in FoxPro in not always straightforward especially if you work on an older version of that software (version 6 and version 7) and also if you spent a couple years away from FoxPro.

If you are working on an older version of FoxPro and you are given the task to update a table’s memo field based on another table;  a typical scenario would be that one of your tables got corrupted, you create a new table and you want  to import data from an old backup to the new table.  The script below should help out

 SELECT SourceData
 UPDATE DestinationData;
 SET DestinationData.MemoField = DestinationData.MemoFields + SourceData.MemoField;
    WHERE DestinationData.ID = SourceData.ID
 SELECT DestinationData


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