ldap_connect() is confusing

So why is this code returning “Success” no matter what?

// LDAP variables
$ldaphost = "sdfsdfs"; 
$ldapport = '389';                
// Connecting to LDAP
if (ldap_connect($ldaphost, $ldapport)){
echo 'Success';
else {
echo 'Failure';

From the PHP’s website:

Returns a positive LDAP link identifier on success, or FALSE on error. When OpenLDAP 2.x.x is used, ldap_connect() will always return a resource as it does not actually connect but just initializes the connecting parameters. The actual connect happens with the next calls to ldap_* funcs, usually with ldap_bind().
If no arguments are specified then the link identifier of the already opened link will be returned. 

This sentence above should be rewritten completely.