Reset git bare repo

After playing around with GIT, it is time to get serious. My intent is to revert my bare repo to the state its was before i started playing around with it. I kinda like git, but this thing has a million (actually a few dozens) set of commands some of them make sense others not really.

How do i reset my bare repo to its original state?

First check the log so you can grab the SHA1 of the original commit

git log

Note that you cannot do a “git reset sde4545e4” on a bare repo you will like get this error:
“fatal: mixed reset is not allowed in a bare repository”.

Second run the following command

git update-ref HEAD sde4545e4

Now there are still left over objects on the system. If you check the ./git/objects folder, you will see a whole bunch of directories there. You will need to get rid of them.

Third get rid of unwanted objects

git gc
git prune
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