Move Documents to Folder Sharepoint 2010

Moving files (Documents) to folders in sharepoint 2010 is not a drag and drop thing. Actually it is a process. I still can’t figure out why it has to be so complicated for simple, not mentionning this stupid ribbon. How do you support such software?  When things are all over the place.

Click on the library tab

Then click on open with explorer (good luck if you are using a MAC )

What i figured out after all is that if you use Sharepoint you are locked up to using only Microsoft technology. Editing a list requires Microsoft Excel to be installed.  Moving Files to folders requires explorer and so forth. Google Docs kinda make sense.

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  1. Isn’t this just ridiculous!. Microsoft are pushing sys admins and companies down this path yet the software is not user friendly. Why you cannot just drag and drop a file to a folder or right click move to folder I will never know.

    I really think Microsoft should rewrite Sharepoint from the ground up and design the admin ui and user inerface for non people to use. Everything I ever want to do in sharepoint takes weeks to do because its so badly desgined from a user perspective.

  2. This SharePoint software has a lot of potentials but stuffs like that make me want to stay away from it. I can’t even imagine what being a SharePoint developer feels like. Microsoft does not seem to have a clear plan with this software (they just want to do everything at once), it is just like a Swiss knife, it does everything but not one thing well.
    I have been trying to push SharePoint since 3.0, then 2007, 2010. It has always seemed to bloated for the regular users. The back end code is a nightmare for sane developers. Microsoft please give us a software that we can use.