WdsClient: There was a problem initializing wds mode

After loosing a couple of nights trying to set up WDS, here comes the moment of truth. You have to deploy your first computer and you are hit with this stupid error message:

“WdsClient: There was a problem initializing wds mode.”

Sweet! What the heck does that mean?

After some googling around someone finally got the solution that i was looking for here

Honestly i have no idea why it fixed it for me but it does work.

change option 67 from :  PXEboot.com  to  wdsnbp.com

I will have to spend some time  later to find what the heck is the difference between PXEboot.com and wdsnbp.com but i will enjoy the solution for now.

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  1. Solution:“WdsClient: There was a problem initializing wds mode.”

    No need to configure 066 and 067 option;; The only problem is DNS;; just configure 006 DNS Server; Put DNS server ip in the DHCP Scope options ;; Thats it..

  2. Well, i have the dns IP in the 006 option and it still would not work until i used wdsnbp.com. It does work now with the changes above. Thanks for your comment though, i will try to play with it whenever i have a chance.